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Gautier Hankenne

Speaker Details
Name Gautier Hankenne
Title Asterisk Administrator

In 1995 Gautier began teaching himself web design. Having become familiar with the graphical aspects, he quickly became competent using the JavaScript language and started to experiment with it, copying codes and learning to work effectively with it. He was employed by Guillemot International / UbiSoft and then by Expand to the World (E2W) as a web designer. As a bridge between « the two worlds » (design and programming language), he was responsible for integrating the latest technology into sophisticated designs. In addition, Gautier developed high quality JavaScript and ActionScript tools at E2W and made new designs with cutting edge CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).


He was then employed part-time as the Graphist (online and offline) at EUROFER, whose website he had made while working for E2W. Thanks to his IT knowledge, he quickly became an assistant to the IT Manager, Guy De Leeuw. EUROFER switched to VoIP in February 2007. They decided to install ‘Asterisk’ with the help of an external consultant and then the installation and configuration was carried out by Guy and Gautier. Gautier was responsible for setting up each of the users’ phones as well as the organisation’s Call Plan. He is currently the support manager for the VoIP users within the organisation.


During the rest of his working week, Gautier is involved with social work.