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Welcome to the Profoss website. If you are a professional user of Information and Communication Technologies, you'll be happy to know that Profoss brings you quality events where you will actually learn things, without commercial talks.



Profoss' objective is to spread objective information about the possibility to use professional solutions based on alternatives to proprietary and closed products. We focus on organising informative events, each dedicated to one subject, where professional IT people can get the information they need to make informed decisions. It is that goal that we try to have traditional commercial vendors present at the event.
We also want to put you in contact with local professionals able to support you in your projects.

Facts only


As you are smart enough to draw conclusions, we'll provide objective information so you can take the best decision based on your work environment, your experience, your knowledge, etc... We're not trying to sell you anything. We're only trying to bring you the most interesting information.

Next Event

Open Source GIS event planned for october. Check it out!

One of the most interactive crowds ever, even just after lunch!

, Kris Buytaert, speaker at Virtualisation 2008

Latest News

  • In october 2010, Profoss will organise an event dedicated to Open Source GIS solutions of interest to professional users from the public and private sector. If you are interested to share your experience, please fill this online form.

    Case studies and experience sharing are of particular interest, but any other proposal will be evaluated as long as it is not a purely commercial talk.

    Some Belgian companies are active in the field, and the hope is to have at least some of them talking at the event, alongside end users of GIS solutions.

  • 2009 was a difficult year to organise events. Even though Profoss events were rated as high quality by participants, it was hard to get registrations coming in. Unlike others though, Profoss didn't have to cancel events. But the number of events organised was limited.

    2010 will hopefully bring an economic turnaround and make it easier for people to participate in quality events. Several event subjects are on the drawing board, but your input is valuable, and if you have suggestions, please share them!

  • Today Profoss launched the website's section about the Open Source ERP systems event it will organise on 18 november 2008.

  • The schedule for the "ERP event" taking place on 18 november and 2 december has been published.

  • On 10 june 2008, Profoss will organise the event titled "OpenOffice in the enterprise", with the goal to inform IT professionals about the advantages and risks involved in deploying this office suite. The format of the event will be different from previous Profoss events as activities will take place in the afternoon from 14:00 to 18:00. Speakers and talks will still be of high quality, bringing informative, non-commercial information that is of direct interest for the participants.