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Benjamin Docquir

Speaker Details
Name Benjamin Docquir
Title Lawyer

Benjamin Docquir's key practice areas are computer and ICT law, including data protection law. He as a specific experience in the field of software licensing, including open source software, protection of computer programs and databases. He also has a solid general practice of intellectual property law (copyright, trade marks and domain names, patents and unfair competition). He regularly assists clients in structuring, drafting and negotiating computer contracts and other complex ICT projects, e.g. development services, platform services, service level agreements, licences, distribution & subcontracting agreements, etc. Benjamin also advises clients on data protection issues, to ensure compliance in complex corporate projects. His practice also covers all kinds of e-commerce issues, including consumer protection and cross-border aspects. Benjamin Docquir authored a comprehensive overview of privacy law, including data protection aspects ("Le droit de la vie privée", Brussels, Larcier, 2008) and other publications, in particular on domain names litigation. He has been appointed by the CEPINA as a third-party arbitrator in domain name litigation. He is an academic associate within the Department of Economic Law of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He is a member of the editorial board of the ICIP Ingénieur Conseil - Intellectual Property.