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Jordi Nelissen

Speaker Details
Name Jordi Nelissen
Title Co-Founder Escaux
Company Escaux

Jordi Nelissen obtained his Master degree in Electrical Engineering in 1994. Through 13 years of working experience Jordi has a broad knowledge in various ICT domains. As an engineer and team manager in various companies and organisations like CERN, Alcatel, COLT-Telecom and Belgacom, he acquired a lot of experience in technical product development of various internet services like web hosting, managed security, VPN services, IP telephony, VOIP, XML and web applications.

In 2001 Jordi joined Belgacom-Win. He was responsible for the Engineering and Operations team of the IP Telephony business unit. His team performed numerous large Cisco CallManager deployments. Early 2003, Jordi, together with 3 partners founded ESCAUX. As one of the senior engineers, Jordi has been developping the net.PBX service architecture. ESCAUX net.PBX is an industry grade Asterisk solution with over 300 installations worldwide sizing from 10 to 5000 users