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Asterisk and VoIP


Asterisk, the open source telephone system, brings the flexibility needed to replace old and expensive PBX systems. Not only does is let you replace the old system in a way end users won't notice as you can configure it to mimick the old system's behaviour, it also opens the door to unseen or unaffordable features in commercial systems.




Asterisk has been deployed in various environments, from small shops with 5 users to call centers with hundreds of users. It supports an very large spectrum of protocols, from PRI to VOIP protocols, and all call features you'd expect: Call Forward on Busy, Call Forward on No Answer, Call Queuing, Call Parking, Call Recording, Call Transfe, Conference Bridging, Music On Transfer, etc.




Asterix provides database integration, but also allows you to fully integrate in your infrastructure thanks to the Asterisk Gateway Interface which lets you write glue code in your prefered language. Deep access to the internals of Asterisk is available through the C API.

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