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Carmelo Zaccone

Speaker Details
Name Carmelo Zaccone
Title Technology Watcher
Company Agence Wallone des Télécoms

Being a network & telecom engineer who loves new technologies, I did start working, within Alcatel (nowadays Alcatel-Lucent) @ the research department in the IP team (Network Strategy Group, formerly known as Network Architecture).


As a research engineer, I was in charge to investigate, within the IETF, new IP emerging technologies and participate to the creation of some. The NSG team I was part of was named: ‘Internet (DSL) Access Case’


Being very close to new IP technologies, I often had the opportunity to submit and present white papers within highly valuable conferences. Moreover part of my research work became international (US,EU,PACE) patents.


Having a solid software architect & development background combined with a good knowledge of IP and surrounding protocols such as VoIP, I left the group to create the SIP start-up ‘Indigo Software’ with a few friend.


Nowadays, I’m back into my favourite business activity by working as Technology Watcher for the Belgian Walloon Government.