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Fabien Pinckaers

Speaker Details
Name Fabien Pinckaers Fabien Pinckaers
Title Founder
Company OpenERP

Fabien Pinckaers was only eighteen years old when he started his first company. Today, over twelve years later, he has founded and managed several new technology companies, all based on Free / Open Source software. He originated Tiny ERP, now Open ERP, and is the director of two companies including Tiny sprl, the editor of Tiny ERP. In three years he has grown the Tiny group from one to hundred employees without loans or external fund-raising, and while making a profit. He has also developed several large scale projects, such as Auction-, which become the leader in the art market in Belgium. He is also the founder of the LUG (Linux User Group) of Louvain-la- Neuve, and of several free projects like OpenReport, OpenStuff and Tiny Report. Educated as a civil engineer (polytechnic), he has won several IT prizes in Europe such as Wired and l'Inscene. A fierce defender of free software in the enterprise, he is in constant demand as a conference speaker and he is the author of numerous articles dealing with free software in the management of the enterprise. He is the author of the book "Open ERP - Pour une gestion d'entreprise efficace et intégrée" at Eyrolles.