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Hard Token Management Framework




Hard Token Management Framework in Java used to manage the complete livecycle of an organizations Smartcard and/or USB dongles.
It communicates with the tokens through a PKCS11 interface so it is possible to change hardware as long as they supply it with a good implementation of PKCS11.
It comes along quite with a few ready made modules that can be composed to fit the need of the organization. The Hard Token Management Framework is an Add-on to EJBCA Certificate Authority. Features include:


  • Issue tokens, regular, temporary and project
  • Unlock PIN of a token without exposing the PUK code for the users or administrators
  • Revoke lost cards
  • Renew expiring cards
  • Activate cards in the organizations systems
  • It is also possible to issue and unlock tokens on an approval basis, used in scenarios were no token administrator is available (for instance in 24/7 operational environments). Then it is possible for a colleague of the end user to generate a request of the action which is sent to a central support unit for review and approval.


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